Brannen, Elden, Colorado St. Improvements

Brannen, Elden, Colorado St. Improvements

One of the challenges of The City of Flagstaff’s sewage collection system is the maintenance and replacement of  aging pipe—some more than 70 years old. Old sewage pipes can create headaches for customers in the form of root intrusions and broken or corroded pipes. To keep up with their aging sewer system, The City has a long-range program to complete one mile of sewer pipe rehabilitation work per year.

For 2017 a portion of that rehabilitation work included the Brannen Avenue, Elden Street, and Colorado Street Improvements which Arizona Surveying provided construction surveying for. The project included replacing the existing infrastructure, pavement, water, sewer, and edge improvements with new water main, new sewer main, new water and sewer services along with roadway reconstruction and limited sidewalk/curb/gutter and driveway replacement. Upon completion, as-built surveys were performed by Arizona Surveying.

  • Date:Oct 2017


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