NAU–The Hilltop Townhomes

  • NAU Student Housing–Hilltop Townhomes
  • NAU Student Housing–Hilltop Townhomes
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The NAU student population has been growing steadily for years. That growth has put pressure on student housing resources both on and off campus. It has also created tension between the university and local residents who in some cases have struck down off-campus housing projects in their neighborhoods.

To help meet the need for student housing and foster good relations with The City of Flagstaff and its residents, NAU partnered with private developers to build new housing on-campus. One of those projects is The Hilltop Townhomes located at the high point of San Francisco Street.

This student housing project includes nine (9) four-story wood-frame apartment buildings, a standalone single-story community center and a three-level / 381-space parking garage with 103 additional surface parking spots. The residential buildings include 144 units and 576 beds in stacked two-story townhome units.

Arizona Surveying has a long-standing commitment to and relationship with NAU. We have successfully provided mapping and construction surveying services on-campus for many projects including this oneā€”The Hilltop Townhomes.

  • Date:Sep 2017


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