100 Mile Control Survey, Yuma to Parker, AZ

100 Mile Control Survey, Yuma to Parker, AZ

We’re based in Flagstaff but like our name implies, we serve the entire state of Arizona. For this project we provided survey control to support LiDAR mapping of a 100+ mile section of a 161 KV transmission line between Parker, AZ and Yuma, AZ. Most of the powerline access traversed rugged desert terrain.

Arizona Surveying recovered three existing NGS control points to use as a foundation for the survey. Found and set control points were occupied with GPS base receivers and post-processed using the NGS’s Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) for positional verification or establishment as applicable. The result was a non-accumulative accuracy of within 0.11’ in a mile (1:50,000). This was greater than the effective relative accuracy of the LiDAR mapping. Job well done!


GPS occupation


NGS monument in excellent condition!


Control diagram.


Another well-preserved NGS monument. Must be the desert air.


Monument near 161 KV line.


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